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1Contractor Environmental and Social Management Plan (CESMP) Project: Plant, Design Installation and Procurement of the Construction and Rehabilitation of MV Lines for Distribution Network in Kigali City.ESMPs
2Environmental and Social Management Plan (ESMP) for the construction of low and medium voltage lines for productive users in RwandaESMPs
3ESMP for Eastern EPC under RESSPESMPs
4ESMP for the Construction of MV Lines in Karongi and Rutsiro Districts.ESMPs
5ESMP for Southern EPC under RESSPESMPs
6Environmental And Social Management Plan (ESMP) - Rural Electrification Project In Burera And Nyagatare DistrictsESMPs
7Environmental And Social Management Plan (ESMP) For Construction And Rehabilitation Of 11 Substations In Kigali CityESMPs
8Environmental And Social Management Plan (ESMP) for Plant Design, supply and installation of MV & LV lines construction and service connections of electrification of Rulindo, Burera and Rubavu DistrictsESMPs
9Environmental, Health and Safety PlanESMPs
10Environmental and Social Management Plan (ESMP): Rehabilitation of substations 110/30KV: Rulindo, Gifurwe, construction of substation Rukarara.ESMPs

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