S No.TitleCategoryDownload
1Environmental and Social Commitment Plan - ASCENT ProjectESF Documents
2Stakeholders Engagement Plan (SEP) for ASCENTESF Documents
3Resettlement Policy Framework (RPF) for ASCENTESF Documents
4Environmental and Social Management Framework for ASCENTESF Documents
5Labor Management Procedures (LMP) - Accelerating Sustainable and Clean Energy Access Transformation Project (ASCENT) (P180575) ESF Documents
6 Environmental & Social Management Plan - Plant Design, Supply and Commissioning of EAQIP in Musanze and Rubavu DistrictsESF Documents
7Environmental and Social Commitment Plan (ESCP) - Additional Financing to EAQIPPublications
8Stakeholder Engagement Plan EAQIP - Project Number P172594 and Additional Financing to Scale Up Access to Modern Energy in Rwanda - P176707Publications
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