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REG staff contribute to the renovation of SOS Children village through...

On Saturday 29th of April 2023, Rwanda Energy Group Staff together with joined residents of Kayego Sector in Gicumbi District in monthly community...


Abakozi ba REG bakoze umuganda bafasha mu gusana ibyumba...

Kuwa gatandatu tariki ya 29 Mata 2023, abakozi ba Sosiyete y’u Rwanda Ishinzwe Ingufu (REG) bifatanije n’abaturage b’Akarere ka Gicumbi bakorera...


KWIBUKA 29: REG and WASAC commemorated the former ELECTROGAZ employees...

On Friday 21st of April 2023, Rwanda Energy Group (REG) and Water & Sanitation Corporation (WASAC) remembered the 173 former ELECTROGAZ Staff victims...


REG celebrated the International Women’s Day

On Thursday 09th of March 2023, women working at Rwanda Energy Group and its subsidiary companies, EDCL and EUCL, together with the Management...

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