GENERAL PROCUREMENT NOTICE - Increasing Climate Change Adaptive Capacity of Rwandan Community


1. The Government of Republic of Rwanda has received a loan and a grant from the African Development Fund to finance the Increasing Climate Change Adaptive Capacity of Rwandan Community

2. The principal objectives of this project are to increase the adaptive capacity of vulnerable Rwandan communities to adverse effects of climate change through livelihood diversification and investment in rural infrastructure and to maximize the impact of an on-going AfDB funded project – Rwanda Scaling-up Energy Access Project (SEAP), which provides infrastructure to distribute electricity for households and public institutions and creates and expands opportunities for local populations to pursue nonagricultural electricity-dependent income generating activities. 

3. The project includes the following components:

Component 1: Enhanced and diversified climate resilient rural livelihood:

  • Ø  Improved knowledge, understanding and awareness of livelihood opportunities resulting from electrification
  • Ø  Increased capacity of target households to participate in market oriented enterprises
  • Ø  Increased investment in value chain development creating and linking demand to supply
  • Ø  Increased economic opportunities for women and youth


Component 2: Strengthening awareness and ownership of adaptation & risk reduction process:

  • Ø  Increased knowledge and understanding of the social dimensions of vulnerability and resilience to climate change
  • Ø  Increased awareness of climate change impacts and promotion of gender-responsive climate adaptation
  • Ø  Increased institutional capacity of district administration to coordinate and support climate resilient development planning at the local level
  • Ø  Increased capacity of communities to plan, implement and monitor adaptation programs


  Component 3: Climate resilient small-scale rural infrastructure:

  • Ø  Increased investment in small scale rural infrastructure designed, built and/or rehabilitated to a specification that takes into account anticipated climate risks
  • Ø  Rural markets upgraded with at least 30% of space allocated to women and 20% to youth
  • Ø  Increased institutional capacity of district administrations to coordinate and support climate resilient development planning at the local level


Component 4: Monitoring and Evaluation:

  • Ø  Compile, document and disseminate Knowledge adaptation products
  • Ø  Participation in adaptation practitioners’ events
  • Ø  Produce Monitoring and evaluation reports


4. Procurement :

Procurement of Goods and Works necessary for the execution of the project shall be procured in accordance with Procurement Guidelines for Bank Group Operations dated October 2015, as amended from time to time and as further set out below:

1. Goods: There is one package for the Goods which shall be procured through Open Competitive Bidding with national publication (NCB). This is procurement of Office equipment and consumables. 

2. Works:  The procurement of Works identified in this project are: Upgrading of 6 rural markets (2 per District) and Construction/ rehabilitation of 9 post-harvest infrastructures (3 per District) and shall be procured under the Open Competitive Bidding method with international publication (ICB).

 3. Consulting Services: The consulting services required for the project are Technical Assistance & Capacity Building, and Monitoring and Evaluation. These services shall be procured by Selection Based on the Consultant Qualification (CQS) procedures.

5. Interested bidders may obtain further information, and should confirm their interest, by contacting:

Energy Development Corporation Limited (EDCL)

Electricity Access Roll-out Program (EARP)

Scaling-up Energy Access Project

Attn: Mrs. Clémentine UMUGWANEZA

EARP Coordinator

Tel. No.  :+250788842692

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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