Peat to Power in Rwanda

Rwanda peat study indicate that Rwandan peat bogs contain up to 155 million tonnes of dry peat covering a combined area of 50 000 hectares. About 77% of peat reserves are near Akanyaru and Nyabarongo rivers and the Rwabusoro Plains.

The study indicates a potential for electricity generation from exploitable peat reserves of about 150 MW for sod peat application and 117 MW for milled peat application based on 30 years of operation.


Gishoma 15 MW Peat to Power Project

Since 2010, the Government started development of the 15MW peat power plant in Gishoma, Rusizi District, to reduce electricity deficit which the country was facing and to coincide with a significant growth of electricity demand observed in the region as a result of the expansion of the local cement factory and country development.

In the above context, the consortium of Shengli Energy Group Co. Ltd/Shandong Run Power Plant Engineering Technology Co Ltd was awarded in 2012 a contract to build 15 MW Peat Fired Power Plant in Gishoma, Rusizi District, Western Province.

As it was the first of its kind in Rwanda and in Africa in general, the plant was constructed as a pilot power plant to demonstrate the possibility of generating electricity from peat energy available in the region. Currently construction works have been completed and the power plant was tested and connected successfully to the grid.

The project was completed in 2017 and both testing and commissioning have been successful. REG asked the building consortium to fix some few technical issues before handing over the plant to Government for operation and maintenance.


ii. Hakan Project

YUMN Ltd. is developing an 80 MW peat fired power plant in South Akanyaru prospect in Gisagara District and the project is to be developed as Public Private Partnership (PPP). On Feb 10, 2016, Amendment and Restatement Deeds for Power Purchase Agreement, Concession Agreement and Government Guarantee have been signed. Since February 2017 the project is under construction phase and it constructions activities will cover a period of 45 months from the effective date which occurred on 14th November 2016. The operation period is 26 months from commercial operation date. At the end of the operation period, HAKAN will transfer the power plant back to the Government of Rwanda.

The Government of Rwanda has committed to provide to Hakan the access road to the site, the evacuation transmission line from the power plant to the grid, construction energy and water during a construction period and operation period for the construction, testing, and commissioning. Currently the access road, construction energy and construction potable water were granted to Hakan. MoU for routine maintenance of the access road was signed by all concerned parties. Contract negotiation for the construction of the evacuation transmission line is ongoing.





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