Hydro Power in Rwanda

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Hydro Power in Rwanda

Rwanda’s major Rivers have proven 333 potential sites for Micro-hydropower countrywide. Opportunities exist in Micro and Small Hydropower projects and shared regional hydropower projects with East Africa (EAC) Partners.


A couple of micro, mini and small Hydropower Projects are currently under construction. The largest domestic hydropower project under construction is Nyabarongo I, with an installed capacity of 28 MW. Some shared hydropower projects with neighboring countries are also underway, including 145MW project shared by Burundi, DRC and Rwanda and a 90 MW project to be jointly developed by Tanzania, Burundi and Rwanda.


Mini and Small Hydropower

There are 20 projects totaling 9MW bid as 4”bundles”with an expected investment of approximately 25-30 million. The planned completion date is 2014-2015 and 3 bundled bids for 10MW of projects bid every year from 2015-17.


Medium Hydropower

12-17 MW Nyabarongo II is being evaluated, with an expected investment amount of approximately $80 million. This is a multipurpose project envisaged to cater for water supply, irrigation as well as electrical power generation. The project may develop either under Public or PPP arrangement and is planned to generate 12-17 MW and the power will be fed into Rwanda National Grid. The project consists of 48m high concrete gravity dam with crest of 228m and a surface power station with 2*8.5MW Keplan turbines just situated at the dam toe.


Regional Hydropower

     Ruzizi III (145MW) supported by EU, AfDB, among others with an expected investment capital of $450 million and completion date in 2016.The project is being developed under CEPGL umbrella for Rwanda, Burundi and DRC.

Ruzizi III hydropower project is planned to generate 145MW and the power output is shared equally by three countries. The project consist of 105m long dam crest whose height is 20.5m, 2.28km Headrace Tunnel and a surface power station with 3*50 MW Francis Units.


     Rusumo (90MW) falls supported by World Bank and others. Its expected investment amount is $300 million and planned completion date is 2017.The project is being developed under NELSAP umbrella for Rwanda, Burundi and Tanzania.

Rusumo falls Hydropower Project is planned to generate 81 MW and the power output will be shared equally by three countries. The project consists of concrete dam with crest length of 150m,Headrace Tunnel of 460m and a surface power station with 3*30MW Kaplan turbines.

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