Electricity Access Roll Out Program (EARP)

The Government of Rwanda (GoR), in collaboration with development partners, launched Rwanda Electricity Access Roll out Program (EARP) in 2009 as its flagship program to realize the primary targets of the EDPRS for the electricity access.

Before the inception of EARP, GoR organized a round-table with MININFRA Development partners to assess and coordinate their support to the Rwanda Energy Sector in accordance with the partnership principles. In July 2008, GoR signed a Memorandum of Understanding with development partners sharing the common goal of enabling Rwanda to reach the targets of the EDPRS, the Millennium Development Goals and the targets of Vision 2020. To this end, they intended to coordinate their support to Rwanda's energy sector in accordance with the provisions of this MoU.

The MoU spells out the aim of improving  efficiency, effectiveness and impact of the Energy Sector Strategy by increasing transparency on all sides; improving the predictability and allocation of financing and better coordinating the multiple inputs and activities which serve sector objectives. The MoU provides a sound foundation for scaling up energy sector interventions in order to achieve the objectives of the EDPRS.

In March 2009, GoR published the report called “Castalia Report –Investment Prospectus:   Rwanda Electricity Access Programme" to guide the implementation of Electricity Access Programme attain the ambitious but achievable targets.

The total cost of required sector investments could realistically be met through affordable customer charges, Government funding and support from development partners. The national electricity utility as well as domestic and international contractors had sufficient capabilities to meet the technical challenges of the programme.

This Prospectus presented the Government’s current plans for the electricity access programme. The Government and sector stakeholders had worked hard to ensure that the programme was based on a thorough assessment of policy conditions, technical and economic planning, funding requirements and implementation capacity. This Prospectus addressed each of the critical components of the programme, and describes a role for development partners in supporting the access programme.

In March 2013, EARP produced the national electrification plan that guides all the activities executed under EARP . This plan included the following categories for identification of projects:

  •          Major Electrification of green field areas where there was no access earlier with particular emphasis on connection to Infrastructure.
  •          Electrification of new areas where MV(middle voltage) and LV(Low voltage)extensions may be necessary. This will be implemented based on the prioritization methodology described in the project Prospectus.
  •        Addition of new consumers in the close vicinity of the existing MV network and transformer station but need extension of LV network only.







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