REG Subsidiary companies sign performance contracts for the year 2017/2018

The Managing Director of EUCL, Maj. Eng Jean Claude Kalisa  (1st from the left) and Ag MD of EDCL, Yves Nshuti (3rd from the left) signing the performance contract with REG CEO, Ron Weiss (2nd from the left)

Kigali, on this 16th August 2017, Rwanda Energy Group Subsidiary Companies signed performance contracts stating the targets and strategies to reach the Government energy targets by the end of the year 2018.

 “We have set our targets but we will have to stretch them in the future. Our general target is to connect all Rwandans by 2024” Said Eng. Ron Weiss during the signing ceremony.

The utility targets include Improvement of the distribution network to ensure efficiency, reduction of commercial losses while increasing the revenues and improving the corporate management efficiency as well as the staff performance improvement program. The Energy Development targets included, among others, increasing the access to grid and off grid electricity, increasing the generation capacity as well as expanding and strengthening the transmission network.

Energy Development Targets

EDCL (Energy Development Corporation Ltd) vowed to increase the access to electricity from 35.6% to 45% by June 2018. This includes 115,978 households to be connected to the national electricity grid and 118,772 households to be connected through off-grid solutions.  As stipulated by the EDPRS II and the rural electrification policy, an emphasis must be put on the socio-economically productive users. These include markets, health centers, schools, handcraft centers (udukiriro), small industries as well as milk collection centers to name but a few.  Currently 2934 productive users are connected to the national grid and the target for this year is to connect 331 new productive users by June 2018.

Various projects to increase the generation capacity are still ongoing during this year 2017/2018. These include the Hakan Peat to Power project expected to produce 80 MW, the 80 MW Rusumo Hydropower project, the 50 MW Symbion Methane Gas Power plant, the 147 MW Rusizi III Hydropower plant project, 30 MW LFO Plants installation in Birembo, Mukungwa and Kigali Special Economic Zone, exploration of geothermal resources as well as the construction of 8 small power plants. 

In a bid to ensure efficiency and stability of power supply, the electricity transmission network will be expanded and strengthened. Planned and ongoing projects to be implemented during this year 2017/2018 include the construction of various transmission lines namely 220KV lines (237 Km), 110KV lines (141.2Km), as well as 30KV line (60.6 KM). All these lines will be built together with their associated substations.

Other activities and projects include feasibility studies, rehabilitation of Rwabuye Fuel Storage and awareness campaigns on Biogas, improved cook stoves and LPG gas for energy efficiency.

Energy Utility targets

EUCL (Energy Utility Corporation Ltd.) will improve transmission and distribution capabilities and ensure availability of the network. To achieve this target, reactive power compensators will be installed to reduce power losses while the Kigali distribution network will also be reinforced to meet the demand. 200 kilometers of old and overloaded MV and LV lines will be rehabilitated and strengthened while a new HV transmission line Jabana-Mont Kigali-Gahanga and its associated substations will be constructed. To improve service delivery and reduce the network intervention time, EUCL will purchase cables fault locators and testing vans.

The time to restore network in case of any disturbance will be reduced from the current 35 minutes to 15 minutes. The average percentage of thermal in the energy mix will be reduced from 23 to 20% while the average of the plant’s availability will be increased to 80% thanks to efficiency in running the plant as well as the adequate maintenance of plants.  

EUCL expects to increase the annual revenue from sales from 93 billion Rwf earned last year to 102.5 billion Rwf.



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