Bweyeye Center is now connected to the national electrical network

Bweyeye Center

Bweyeye Center is one of the very remote areas in Rwanda, located on the other side of Nyungwe forest. Given the distance to reach the area, development activities have been slow compared to other regions of Rwanda.

In 2013, the President of the Republic of Rwanda, H.E. Paul Kagame visited the area and promised the dwellers access to electricity in a few coming years. Since then, a project to electrify Bweyeye sector was initiated through Rwanda Energy Group; thanks to the African Development Bank support under the Scaling Up Energy Access Project in the Energy Access Roll-Out Program.

On this 24th July 2017, 03:50 pm, Bweyeye center was connected to the national electrical network and for the first time in the center’s history, 394 households immediately started using the grid electricity. Schools, the health center and administrative offices including the sector, police office and SACCO were also connected.

“I take it as a miracle, this is so amazing” said the Executive Secretary of the Sector, Mr. Sindayiheba Aphrodis when talking to the media during a press tour in the sector. “We’ve spent the whole night celebrating this good news”; he added.

He also said that electricity is a solution to their isolation given that the Sector is very remote and even seeing there a single light in the night was rare.

Energy Development Corporation Limited (EDCL), the Rwanda Energy Group Limited (REG) subsidiary in charge of energy development, through the Energy Access Roll-Out Program (EARP) started building the 38 km connection lines to electrify the sector. The project includes also electrification of various sectors in Gicumbi, Nyabihu, NGororero and Rulindo in the north as well as Rusizi Nyamasheke, and Karongi in the West. All activities are on track to be ended in September 2017 with a total connections of 27,953 households, 179 schools, 29 health centers and 25 administrative offices. 

“Our objective is to achieve the Government target of 70% of Rwandan households accessing electricity by 2018. Last year, we have been able to increase the access by 7% and we hope to double this rate next year” said Mr. Emmanuel Kamanzi, EDCL Managing Director. He added that to achieve this target, off grid solutions will be used to reach remote areas and hardly accessible areas of the country. Currently, a total of 34.5% of Rwandan households have access to electricity. This includes 27.2% households connected to the national grid and 7.3% accessing through off-grid systems.


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