REG-EUCL launches a 90 days Performance Improvement Program


James Musoni, Minister of Infrastructure (M) REG CEO John Bosco Mugiraneza (L)

and Prof. Manasse Mbonye at Official Launch of the REG-EUCL PIP


 The subsidiary arm of the Rwanda Energy Group has launched a three months Performance Improvement Program that is designed to increase the efficiency of the services the group offers to people.

According to REG Chief Executive Officer Jean Bosco Mugiraneza, the intention is to improve the entire value chain of the company beginning with commercial electricity operation segment and the trend evolve into covering the rest of the company.

The PIP will generate quick-wins in the transformation of EUCL into a highly efficient and customer centric organization that promotes based work practices and a culture of excellence.

In the 90 days the PIP will have rectified all the crumbling trends including improving network reliability, response time to faults and assuring customers of prompt complaint resolve.

“We are passionate about powering Rwanda to success. Our vision is to be the leading regional provider of innovative and sustainable energy solutions for National Development and we shall achieve this through developing and providing reliable and affordable energy while creating value for stakeholders,” the Minister of Infrastructure James Musoni said at the launch of the program.

Musoni noted that over the days PIP we have helped REG and the EUCL to tap into the different electric skills of the Rwandans which will promote championship, strategic development participatory approaches, innovation and competence


PIP has been initiated basing on the above principles to challenge individuals to go beyond Specific Measurable Achieve Realistic and Time-bound  or SMART and be able to achieve ‘Stretch targets’ which are only possible when the status-quo is designed for the benefit of improved services rendered to the customer.

 REG Chief Executive Officer Jean Bosco Mugiraneza while addressing

the participants at PIP launch on Friday 23, 2016 at Lemigo hotel


PIP operations will switch on from January 1 to March 31 next year when it comprises strategies, SMART and Stretch targets are utilized with a careful monitoring and evaluation framework to promote incentives, penalties for collective responsibility and individual accountability.

The program will then be addressing eight thematic areas including Network Aviability, Revenue Collection, Loss Reduction, Efficiency of Operations, Talent Attraction or Retention, IT Systems and Automation, Skills Development or Enhancement and Performance Management.

 After the launch of PIP, the Minister Musoni signed MOU with REG-EUCL top management.

               James Musoni, Minister of Infrastructure (M) and Prof. Manasse Mbonye,

REG-EUCL Chairman Board of Directors (R) signing MOU

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